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Karmarama host Krufts Dog Show for Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

Friday 9.30am. The morning after the night before.  Mickey walked in to the office, looking particularly hairy. Poppy, late in, came bounding in on four legs. Oscar, unshaved, sat down at the desk, his whiskers sniffing the ground.


In celebration of National Dog Day, 26th August 2017, Karmarama took its love for dogs to new heights and hosted what could be the first of its kind – an office-based Krufts competition.


Karmarama’s dog owners brought their pawsome pooches into work on the last summer half day, and entered them in to one or more of five classes. Each entry into a category was £5 and all proceeds went to Battersea Cats and Dogs Home. Rosettes and pride could be won in the likes of:


Most like owner

Do you and your pooch have the same luscious golden locks? Or perhaps similar whiskers? Whatever the look, enter your doppelgänger dog for a reward.


Best fancy dress

Is your canine pal catwalk ready? If so, join them up to the ‘best fancy dress’ category for some fashion fun.


Best trick

Do you have the next Dog Genius? Enrol your clever pup into the ‘best trick’ category if you think you can handle the pressure.


Waggiest tail

Happy dogs = happy world. Enter your dog in our ‘waggiest tail’ category and get them to shake some serious booty for a prize.


Best dog art

Bring your pet over to our Kraft’s Korner and get artsy, or bring in your finest canine portrait. Whoever creates the best pawsterpeice gets a prize.


Suffice to say, competitive natures blossomed as the humans fought it out on the stage – smiles and high-pitched encouragement was rife as owners tried to make their dog’s tail wag the most, dog biscuits were given in abundance to inspire their pooch’s best tricks, and artistic dreams were unlocked as hands held paws to create fine art.


Judged by Joe Mateo, the creative manager at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, along with our managing partner Hannah Matthews, and our Head of human Talent, Annabel Deacon, the event was a huge success. The whole office was beaming ear to ear. And to top it all off, we managed to raise hundreds of pounds for an incredibly important charity.


Here’s to an annual Krufts event!


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