NCS and Karmarama launch new campaign platform inciting teenagers to say ‘No We Can’

NCS (National Citizen Service) and Karmarama today launch ‘No We Can’, their inaugural campaign featuring a new brand identity and multi-channel activation co-created with teens, encouraging them to declare what they are passionate about in 2019. NCS aims to incite independence in young people by turning a lifetime of beingtold they’re too young, into a … Continued

How brands win by creating better human experiences

Sid McGrath, Chief Strategy Officer, Karmarama Customers are damn important. Their experience of a brand is almost more important still. Speak to just about any company in the world and they will recognise the power customer experience has. It can mean the difference between success and failure. A ringing till or discarded shopping trolley. Top … Continued launches sponsorship of ITV coverage of the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan are the joint-headline sponsor for the ITV and STV coverage of the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan, and have released a series of nine sponsorship idents which will surround the coverage in broadcast and online.  The sponsorship creative, created by advertising agency Karmarama, uses Japanese concepts to bring clarity to the unwritten rules and hidden … Continued

Brand Nirvana: Step One – Human Purpose

The concept of giving a brand a sense of purpose is now commonplace. People are increasingly looking to brands to have a deeper meaning beyond positioning or selling, as confirmed by our research, which found that an average of 73% of people care about the impact of brands above and beyond their products. By blending … Continued

Brand Nirvana 2019 Update

When we first published ‘Brand Nirvana…’ in 2018 we were really pleased with the response, from client and agency folk alike. And as useful as we’d hoped the 8-steps to help close ‘the human experience gap’ would be, the thing that really caught people’s imagination was the figure of 47%. When we looked at the data from … Continued

SXSW Panel Picker

Breaking & entering the future home The ‘home’ has always been a cocoon for humans, away from the world and its commerce. Yet with smart technology entering this space, so are brands. How they do that is a sensitive issue – they should feel like a friend coming for dinner, rather than someone breaking and entering … Continued

Karmarama promotes Charlotte Farrington to Head of Account Management

Karmarama has promoted Charlotte Farrington to Head of Account Management. Since joining Karmarama eight years ago, Charlotte has worked across a number of accounts including Just Eat, The British Army and the BBC. Since joining Karmarama in 2011, Charlotte quickly rose through the ranks and has since led the account for The British Army for … Continued calls out 2019 as the most confusing year yet in new ad campaign has unveiled its new ‘2019 Confusion to Clarity’ advertising campaign, continuing to establish as a brand helping to bring clarity to the world – finding the best insurance deals for customers in a world of ever-increasing confusion. The new ad campaign, created by Karmarama, draws on customer research and data insight, using qualitative … Continued