Challenge came to us with a brief to redefine their place in the highly competitive price comparison market and establish the brand as the go-to place for car savings.

How we helped do the right thing

In a market locked into a fight for fame, we knew we couldn’t land our new positioning with a purely rational proposition. We needed to find something more empathetic and relatable for our new audience of drivers.

So we designed a big, generous platform – ‘Driver Wins at’. At the heart of this idea is the unerring desire to put drivers first, championing their cause and celebrating the previously uncelebrated triumphs every driver can recognise.

And of course, positioning as the ultimate destination to save drivers money.

What happened next

A star-studded launch campaign announced the radical repositioning.

Supported by a highly contextual use of radio to put drivers in the winner’s seat, we delivered driver ‘wins’ across TV, mobile and social.


We’re still waiting on the campaign results, but first indications are very winning indeed.