Overcome the prejudice towards Iceland to transform it into a modern retailer with a clear and important role to play in people's lives.

How we helped do the right thing

We identified that the main prejudice to Iceland relates to its category: frozen food. Long thought of as a lazy, short-cut, poor quality food solution, frozen food is actually incredibly beneficial to modern living. We encouraged Iceland to assume confident leadership of their category and begin to build relevance and appreciation in it, ultimately developing a platform that would influence not just their communications but every aspect of their business including food innovation, packaging, pricing and store design.

What happened next

Together we created 'The Power of Frozen', a transformational business idea designed to build public confidence in the benefits and relevance of frozen. The communications campaign runs across all media touchpoints, out of store, in store and throughout social media. The innovation strategy is redesigning products, packaging and store formats to deliver a modern customer experience based around Iceland's expertise in frozen food. And the business strategy is re-imagining a future where both Iceland and frozen food are recognised for the role they play in nourishing modern families .


The all-important prejudice-shifting metrics of 'consideration to purchase' and 'a brand for someone like me' are at an all-time high, as well as the brand's 'quality' scores.
We've seen a significant shift in the sales of large basket sizes as customers are encouraged to broaden their frozen food repertiore.

Off a £2.7bn revenue in a tough competitive environment, Iceland are now posting their best sales for the last 3 years.


Iceland is a brand for someone like me


Willingness to try more frozen food from Iceland