Launch the new Kerrygold spreadable range by building emotional connection with the brand to hit ambitious sales targets in a highly competitive market.

How we helped do the right thing

The holy grail for Kerrygold was to create a link from its distinctive Irish provenance and uniquely Irish way it was made, right through to the most important driver to purchase – its golden taste.

After delving into the its product heritage, we were inspired by the fact that Kerrygold keeps its cows in the area of Ireland with the greatest rainfall.

Why is this important? Because lots of rain makes for lush grass, which makes for happy cows and for better butter, of course!

What happened next

We created a campaign, inspired by the fact that the home of Kerrygold is the wettest place in Ireland. The creative tells the journey of a young dairy farmer as he cycles through a rainy village in Ireland on his way to work. The farmer and all the villagers he passes on his journey are positively jubilant in the face of heavy rain, because they know that ‘the wetter the weather, the better the butter.’


The campaign has just launched, but has already received amazing feedback including being named a Top 5 Food Ad by AdForum and Ad of the Day elsewhere.